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Shovelwax's foundation is built on a quest for uncompromised products, using sustainable solutions. 


In a world where my equipment from the 1990's are the only articles that persistency survive year after year, Shovelwax hopes to bring those long lasting, well built gems back to the market. It is Shovelwax's dream that one day, decades from now, you'll be proudly bragging about your Shovelwax Gloves that you've had since the 20's.

Shovelwax's proprietary product, Shovelwax Brand Shovel Wax, hopes to build the trust of snow shovelers worldwide. Made from an all natural wax formula and a dash of graphite, Shovelwax Brand Shovel Wax is a non-toxic solution designed to put an end to snow sticking to snow shovels everywhere. Developed during the Winter of 2023 in Clark, Colorado, our wax formula has been tested in conditions ranging from less than -20 Fahrenheit to well above freezing and works on both metal and plastic shovels alike. 

Founded  by Cody Lynn.

Entrepreneur, Industrial Designer.

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It was deep into the Winter of 2022/2023 in Clark, Colorado, and the end was nowhere in sight. Storm after storm brought in foot on top of foot. The snowboarding and skiing was legendary. However, depending on your mind set of the day, snow removal was either a part time job, an compulsory gym membership, or a reason to not leave the house. 


On a day like any other, whilst complaining about shoveling related injuries caused by snow sticking to shovel blades, I was reminded that you can lubricate your shovel. My mind returned to the kitchen oils and shop lubricants we would apply to our childhood sleds, and the ski wax common in our ski town. But I wanted a wax solution that didn't include the toxic chemicals often found in ski wax.

After months of tedious research, numerous formulas and countless hours of testing in conditions ranging from below -20 to well above freezing, an exemplary solution was achieved and the Shovelwax Brand Shovel wax you see before you was born!

I wouldn't be here today without some very close friends and counsel who have tirelessly been by my side. To them, and all who have supported Shovelwax, thank you.

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