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The time has come to wax your shovels!


Shovelwax is the all-natural solution to snow and ice sticking to snow shovels.


Founded by necessity during the historic winter of 2022/2023, we aim to help prevent the same types of snow related injuries, fatigue and frustration that helped create Shovelwax in the first place.


Founded by necessity. Formulated to last.


Shovelwax’s formula consists of five all-Natural ingredients, four all-natural waxes and graphite. The wax blend not only acts as a durable and slick hydrophobic barrier, but it is also an effective medium to apply graphite. When it comes to dry snow, graphite helps aid in the prevention of electrostatic friction. 


Shovelwax’s durability and longevity is due in part to its wax formula. One ingredient, Carnauba, stands out not only because its slick properties, but because it is harder than concrete. Combined with the other three waxes and graphite, Shovelwax is able to maintain characteristics of each ingredient, while optimizing its overall performance of preventing snow and ice from adhering to surfaces. 


Shovelwax works on both metal and plastic snow shovels in an extreme range of conditions. Shovelwax can help even the most battered snow shovel by filling the voids and scratches which normally leave a shovel vulnerable to snow and ice stickage.


To apply, simply rub a light, even coat of Shovelwax onto the front and back of your shovel’s blade. Shovelwax’s ergonomic and multifaceted design allows for a great grip and easy application. 


Shovelwax makes one of the best gifts for anyone who shovels snow! Make sure not to miss the opportunity to stuff your loved ones stocking with the gift that keeps on giving, Shovelwax!


Founded by necessity during the historic winter of '22/'23, we aim to help prevent the same type of snow related back injuries, shoulder injuries, fatigue and frustration that helped create Shovelwax in the first place. 


Shovelwax, LLC is a Colorado company and is headquartered in Clark, Colorado. We plan on keeping all manufacturing in state and are excited to share our product with the world! Not only is Shovelwax durable and effective, but it is the all-natural alternative to some of the toxic solutions and home hacks found on the market today. As PFAS show up in our waterways and ski resorts start to ban certain kinds of ski wax,  it is more important than ever to be conscious of what products are made of, and what we are leaving behind. 


For more info check out our faq here, or reach out to us here.


Get ahead of the storm and order now!

Shovelwax™ brand shovel wax. The solution to snow sticking to snow shovels.

SKU: Shovelwax 120g
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