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  • Is Shovelwax really all-natural?
    Yes, a bar of Shovelwax consists of four natural waxes and graphite.
  • What kinds of waxes are in Shovelwax?
    Soy wax, candellia wax, carnauba wax, bees wax.
  • Does Shovelwax work on plastic and metal shovels?
    It absolutely does!
  • Does Shovelwax guarantee the complete stoppage of snow adhesion?
    Using Shovelwax is a preventative measure. Shovelwax, LLC and it's affiliates aren't responsible for any injuries or damages while using this product, and don't guarantee complete stoppage of snow adhesion. That said, since we personally started using Shovelwax, we haven't had any incidents of snow stickage, and shoveling snow has never been the same.
  • Why wouldn't I just use a home hack?
    Our target market consists of the people who are tired of snow sticking to their snow shovels when home hacks don't cut it. Our Inspiration was high end, all-natural ski wax, simply because it is durable, long lasting, proven, and unlike some home hacks, its non-toxic.
  • Does this make a good gift for someone who shovels snow?
    Not only is Shovelwax truly a gift that keeps giving, you'll likely be crowned a hero!
  • Where can I find Shovelwax Locally?
    Currently found in 40 locations, be sure to ask your local hardware store to get them in stock!
  • Does Shovelwax work on other snow removal equipment?
    Yes, we have had great success with skid steer and tractor scoops. More to come pending adequate test data.
  • Where is Shovelwax made?
    Every bar of Shovelwax is manufactured from raw, all-natural ingredients, out of our HQ in Clark, Colorado.
  • Using Shovelwax to wax to your snow shovel: tips and tricks.
    coming soon.
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